FADU Technology Joins Open Compute Project (OCP) to Accelerate Gen4 Flash Solutions for Hyperscale and Enterprise Datacenters

FADU also launches certified Channel Partners Program to efficiently service small volume OEMs

Santa Clara, Calif. – November 9, 2020 – FADU Technology is a fabless startup developing advanced flash storage technology to meet the ever-increasing data storage demands placed on OEM and hyperscale data centers. The company announced today its participation as a Community Member of the Open Compute Project (OCP). The OCP is an open consortium aiming to design and enable the delivery of the most efficient server, storage, and data center hardware for scalable computing.

FADU plays an integral role in accelerating the Flash Storage transition to NVMe 1.4 / PCIe GEN4 x 4 and beyond in high-speed data centers by developing customizable, scalable Flash Controllers that deliver performance, low power and price. By joining with open initiatives like OCP, FADU believes the transition to revolutionary storage devices incorporating new features such as Dual-Port, ZNS, and sustained QOS, and advanced form factors including E1.S, E3 and M.2, can be realized.

“FADU’s flexible architecture enables our SSDs and controllers to rapidly adopt emerging standards like OCP Cloud Spec 1.0 and form factors like E1.S,” state Jihyo Lee, FADU CEO and Co-founder. “We’re uniquely positioned to deliver meet the performance specs, stay in the power envelop without throttling, and improve overall thermals in packed Hyperscale server racks,” he continued.

In 2019, FADU’s SSDs became compliant to the OCP Cloud Spec 1.0 and FADU introduced the BRAVO E1.S SSD, the world’s first Gen 3 E1.S SSD family. In 2020, FADU continued this leadership with announcement of the DELTA E1.S SSD, the world’s first Gen 4 E1.S SSD family, which has twice the performance and capacity of the Gen 3 family.

Several of FADU’s SSD designs are OCP Compliant:

Storage GenerationGen3Gen4
InterfaceNVMe 1.3 / PCIe GEN3NVMe 1.4 / PCIe GEN4
Max Capacity8TB16TB
Max Sequential Read3.5 GB/s7.0 GB/s
Max Random Read730 KIOPS675 KIOPS
OCP Accepted™ Form FactorsE1.S (9mm/15mm/25mm)
M.2 (22110)
E1.S (9mm/15mm/25mm)
M.2 (22110)
OCP Cloud Spec 1.0 CompliantYesYes

For more information on FADU’s BRAVO and DELTA Flash SSD Storage Platforms, visit https://www.fadu.io/products.

New Channel Partner Program

FADU’s storage solution goes beyond the technology in the device and has opened up the opportunity for OEMs to break from a vertically-locked supply chain providing the controllers, Flash and SSD. FADU’s SSD designs are compatible with multiple NAND vendors. Coupled with customizable controller firmware, OEMs now have the option to attenuate Flash memory supply ripples and create an optimized SSD. The company offers its controllers and SSDs to OEMs who can customize and manufacture their own SSDs or, through its Private Label engagement model, delivers private-labeled, finished SSDs to large-scale OEMs that consign their Flash inventory to FADU for SSD manufacturing.

To service growing demand for FADU technology from smaller OEMs, FADU today announced the launch its Channel Partner program. Similar in scope to FADU’s Private Label engagement model, Channel Partners are certified to assist OEMs with the customization and manufacturing of private label SSDs, but focus on a smaller scale.

The first Channel Partner qualified by FADU is Unigen. Originally established in 1991 and in the heart of Silicon Valley, Unigen offers a time to market advantage to their customers by providing NPI and best in class Contract Manufacturing Services that allows them to design, build, ship and service solutions worldwide.

“The launch of our Channel Partner program enables OEMs with small quantity demands to gain access to FADU’s leading-edge technology and form factors,” stated Jihyo Lee, FADU CEO and Co-founder. “Unigen has the infrastructure, resources and expertise to accelerate the adoption of FADU SSDs by serving a new tier of customers for us,” Lee continued.

“Our expertise in contract manufacturing, assembly, distribution and supply chain management will provide FADU an extension of their services and expansion of their reach to a new customer base,” stated Paul Heng, Unigen CEO. “The experience will be seamless and turnkey for FADU’s small volume customers that want to maximize the benefits of FADU’s technology,” Heng continued.

About FADU Technology

FADU Technology is a fabless startup developing advanced flash storage technology to meet the explosively increasing data storage demands placed on hyperscale, enterprise and cloud data centers. Our innovative SSD solutions are based on industry-standard specifications, designed with FADU’s proprietary Flash Memory Controller architecture, and compatibility with multiple industry NAND suppliers. FADU’s storage designs address all aspects of Flash-based storage – very low power, ultra-high performance, rich feature sets, solid reliability and superior QOS. The company believes that other solutions, with legacy ties to the past, are unable to meet the performance and power requirements to support real-time, cloud-based, connected applications. FADU’s global team, of seasoned storage architects, ASIC experts, and SSD engineers, is charting the course for the industry.

Learn more at www.fadu.io and follow FADU on Twitter and LinkedIn.