FADU Technology Ushers in the Next Era of Solid-State Drive Performance at Flash Memory Summit 2019

FADU is a Premier Sponsor of the Upcoming 14th Annual Flash Memory Summit

SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FADU Technology (fadu.io) is a fabless startup focused on advancing flash storage technology. By deploying a new architecture for Solid State Drive (SSD) controllers, FADU Technology ushers in a new era of SSD storage by meeting the diverse, explosively increasing, data demands placed on Enterprise and Hyperscale datacenters. New applications such as Cloud-based computing, live media streaming, immersive realities, Autonomous Driving, and the explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, are pushing Enterprise and Hyperscale datacenters to their limit.

“We are at an inflection point that will usher in the next era of SSD technology,” said Jihyo Lee, co-founder and CEO of FADU. “SSDs are moving from caching and niche applications to a distinct high performance SSD category and mainstream storage category. Our Annapurna NVMe Controller and Bravo SSDs, which are now ready to ship, and next generation solutions in development, remove the power-performance bottlenecks and provide excellent QOS to enable this transition in Enterprise and Hyperscale datacenters,” Lee continued.

FADU Technology is a premier sponsor of Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2019 held August 6-8, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. See OEM Bravo SSDs, learn about next generation Bravo XL SSDs and discover the performance advantages of the Annapurna NVMe controller at technical presentations and at FADU’s booth #940.

As a winner of the 2018 FMS “Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology” for SSDs and controllers, FADU is excited to present its next generation of products at this year’s conference. FADU is offering an elegant solution that boosts performance, lowers power consumption and addresses Thermal Design Power (TDP) issues while delaying or eliminating the need for throttling. Attendees are also invited to join Jihyo Lee’s keynote address at FMS on August 8 at 11:00AM to learn about FADU’s vision for the storage industry, Enterprise SSD: The Future.

FADU offers turnkey M.2 and U.2 SSD designs, including the Flash controller and customized software, and private-labeled SSD manufacturing to Flash memory original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and storage device manufacturers for incorporation into their Enterprise SDD portfolios. FADU storage devices are enabling others to usher in the era of SSD.

About FADU Technology

FADU Technology is a fabless startup developing advanced flash storage technology to meet the explosively increasing data storage demands placed on hyperscale, enterprise and cloud data centers. Our innovative SSD solutions are based on industry-standard specifications, designed with FADU’s proprietary Flash Memory Controller architecture, and compatibility with multiple industry NAND suppliers. FADU’s storage designs address all aspects of Flash-based storage – very low power, ultra-high performance, rich feature sets, solid reliability and superior QOS. The company believes that other solutions, with legacy ties to the past, are unable to meet the performance and power requirements to support real-time, cloud-based, connected applications. FADU’s global team, of seasoned storage architects, ASIC experts, and SSD engineers, is charting the course for the industry.

Learn more at www.fadu.io and follow FADU on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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