Fadu Awarded Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology for Controllers and SSDs

Mountain View, Calif., – August 9, 2018 – FADU is a fabless semiconductor start up focused on advancing flash storage devices. The company is dedicated to developing and deploying a new, more efficient architecture for solid-state drive (SSD) controllers and storage products that meets the explosively increasing data demands placed on enterprise datacenters. 

FADU is pleased to have been select as an award winner at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit for the category of Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology, Controllers and SSDs.

At the show, FADU exhibited its Annapurna NVMe 1.3a / PCIe 3.1 controller with its revolutionary architecture that significantly reduces power, eliminating thermal throttling issues, and increases performance.  The controller is part of the Bravo SSD, a 3.5Gbps sequential read/write flash storage device for Enterprise datacenter applications.

The controller and SSD are will be commercially available as stand-alone components, turnkey drives or as customizable ASICs and designs in the fourth quarter of 2018.

About FADU Technology

FADU Technology is a fabless startup developing advanced flash storage technology to meet the explosively increasing data storage demands placed on hyperscale, enterprise and cloud data centers. Our innovative SSD solutions are based on industry-standard specifications, designed with FADU’s proprietary Flash Memory Controller architecture, and compatibility with multiple industry NAND suppliers. FADU’s storage designs address all aspects of Flash-based storage – very low power, ultra-high performance, rich feature sets, solid reliability and superior QOS. The company believes that other solutions, with legacy ties to the past, are unable to meet the performance and power requirements to support real-time, cloud-based, connected applications. FADU’s global team, of seasoned storage architects, ASIC experts, and SSD engineers, is charting the course for the industry.

Learn more at www.fadu.io and follow FADU on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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