FADU Presents 2023 Flash Memory Summit Keynote, with CEO Jihyo Lee
and Guest Ross Stenfort of Meta

See FADU CEO Jihyo Lee’s Keynote Address at Flash Memory Summit 2022

Innovating Storage



PCIe Gen5.0 x 4 (x2 Dual Port) | NVMe 2.0 |
OCP Datacenter NVMe SSD 2.0 | 64 Physical Functions

The industry’s first OCP SSD with FDP Support, leading performance in a low power envelope for next generation Hyperscale data centers.


PCIe 4.0 x 4 | NVMe 1.4b
OCP NVMe Cloud SSD 1.0a

Twice the performance of Gen3 for high sustained QoS at industry leading low power and industry-leading IOPS/Watt.


PCIe 3.0 x 4 | NVMe 1.4
OCP NVMe Cloud SSD 1.0

The Industry’s first E1.S SSDs for enterprise storage and leading latency QoS at any workload.


PCIe Gen3.1 x 4 | NVMe 1.3
OCP NVMe Cloud SSD 1.0

XL-Flash based ultra-low latency Cache SSD.

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Design:Controllers &
Customized Firmware

Design and build your own SSD powered by FADU controllers and customized firmware.


Select a Turnkey FADU design solution, bring your own FLASH, and jump start your production.

Use or Sell:Private

Consign your FLASH to FADU and we’ll manufacture and package your private-labeled SSDs for you, ready to use or sell.


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